Creditor’s Rights in Rochester

Creditor rights are a vital aspect of the financial ecosystem, ensuring the protection of individuals and businesses who extend credit. These rights form the legal framework allowing creditors to recover debts owed to them. Understanding the nuances of secured and unsecured debts, contractual obligations, and the legal avenues available to creditors is essential for navigating the complexities of debt recovery. By upholding these rights within the confines of the law, creditors contribute to maintaining a fair and robust financial environment that encourages responsible borrowing and lending.

Our knowledgeable Rochester lawyers excel in representing clients in all areas of creditor rights. We do it ethically and we do it fiercely. We achieve results. Working closely with other departments of the firm, we deliver the value you have every right to expect.

Creditor rights take on many aspects, including the following:

Commercial Contracts

At the core of creditor rights are enforceable contracts. Creditors enter into contractual agreements with their customers specifying terms and conditions when extending credit. These contracts serve as the legal foundation for creditor rights and obligations, outlining the consequences of non-payment. In cases of non-payment, creditors may choose to engage an attorney to recover outstanding debts. Attorneys operate within the bounds of the law, using various methods to encourage debtors to fulfill their financial obligations.

Secured vs. Unsecured Creditors

Creditor rights vary depending on whether the debt is secured or unsecured. Secured creditors have a claim on specific collateral, providing them with higher security. In contrast, unsecured creditors do not have a direct claim on assets but may be protected in other areas of the law. Lacy Katzen’s team of attorneys will assess your needs and develop a strategy to enforce your rights.


Lien filing can be rather complex due to the nature of the lien and making sure time requirements for filing are met. Lacy Katzen’s attorneys can file various liens on your behalf to secure payment. If you are a contractor or supplier of materials and do not get paid, our attorneys can file a mechanics lien to secure your payment. If you are a garage keeper and do not get paid for repairing a vehicle, we can file a garageman’s lien to secure your payment. Business owners have the ability to file UCC liens on equipment to protect their interests.

Repossession of Collateral

Creditors can repossess collateral if the debtor defaults on a secured loan. This is common in cases involving auto loans or equipment financing. However, the repossession process must adhere to legal guidelines to ensure the repossession is done properly. Lacy Katzen attorneys can guide you through this complex process to make sure your rights and remedies are protected.

Commercial litigation and judgment enforcement

If all attempts a creditor makes to enforce its rights fail, the attorneys at Lacy Katzen are ready to pursue litigation on your behalf. Our team has vast experience litigating complex matters on behalf of creditors. Not only can we litigate your claim to a successful outcome, but if a judgment is entered, all avenues of enforcement take place to satisfy your debt.

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