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Stairway accidents aren’t rare. Unfortunately, these accidents often result from various safety hazards that property owners are legally obligated to prevent. If you were injured in a stairway accident due to no fault of your own, we are here to help. Contact a skilled Rochester stairway accident lawyer from Lacy Katzen LLP today so we can get started working on your case.

Stairway Accident Lawyer | Here for Slip or Trip and Fall Victims

Stairways are among the most common places where slip or trip and fall accidents occur. Unfortunately, these accidents are often entirely preventable, as they are frequently caused by dangerous stairway conditions. If you’ve been hurt in a stairway slip or trip and fall, please don’t hesitate to turn to a competent Rochester slip and fall accident lawyer from our firm for help.

Common Safety Hazards Leading to Stairway Accidents

Some of the most common stairway safety hazards that we see lead to slip or trip and fall accidents are as follows:

  • Poor Lighting: Insufficient or uneven lighting can obscure vision and make it difficult to judge the depth and distance of steps. Shadows can cause an illusion, making a person misstep.
  • Worn Out or Damaged Steps: Over time, stair treads can wear out, leading to uneven surfaces. Cracked, broken, or crumbling steps present significant tripping hazards.
  • Missing or Loose Handrails: Handrails provide essential support while climbing or descending stairs. A missing or unstable handrail can cause a person to lose their balance.
  • Slippery Surfaces: Wet or polished stairs without anti-slip treatments can be extremely treacherous. This is especially true in areas exposed to rain, snow, or spills.
  • Inconsistent Step Sizes: Building codes specify the dimensions for risers and treads. If these dimensions vary, even slightly, it can result in missteps.
  • Clutter and Obstructions: Items left on stairs, like toys, tools, or loose carpeting, can be tripping hazards.
  • Lack of Warning Signs: Especially in commercial or public spaces, the absence of warning signs for wet floors or under-construction stairways can lead to accidents.

What to Do After a Stairway Accident

If you’re hurt due to dangerous stairway conditions, you should take the following steps, if possible:

  • Seek Medical Attention: Your health is the top priority. Even if you feel fine immediately after the fall, internal injuries or issues like concussions might not manifest immediately.
  • Document the Scene: If possible, take photos of the accident site. Capture any hazards or conditions that might have contributed to your fall, such as wet surfaces, broken steps, or missing handrails.
  • Collect Witness Information: If anyone saw the accident, get their contact details. Witness accounts can be vital in personal injury claims.
  • Report the Accident: If the accident occurred in a public space or commercial property, report it to the property management or owner. Make sure you get a copy of the accident report.
  • Preserve Evidence: Besides photos, keep any clothing or shoes you were wearing at the time of the accident. They might be used as evidence, especially if, for instance, your shoes were in good condition and didn’t contribute to the fall.
  • Avoid Giving Statements: Until you consult with an attorney, be wary of providing detailed accounts, especially to insurance adjusters or property owners who might try to shift the blame or minimize your claim.
  • Consult a Personal Injury Attorney: If you believe your accident was due to negligence, seek legal advice. An experienced attorney can guide you on the best course of action and ensure your rights are protected.

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If you’ve been injured in a stairway accident due to no fault of your own, you can depend on a seasoned Rochester stairway accident lawyer from Lacy Katzen LLP to fight for the compensation you deserve and need to heal. Contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation.

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