Sepsis, a life-threatening reaction to an infection, is a medical emergency that can have devastating consequences if not promptly identified and treated. If you or a loved one has developed sepsis, please don’t hesitate to contact a skilled Rochester personal injury lawyer from Lacy Katzen LLP for help.

Fighting for Individuals Who’ve Developed Sepsis

Sepsis can be debilitating, and, in the worst cases, can result in death. Because of this, a sepsis infection is not to be taken lightly. If you or someone you know has developed sepsis in a nursing home or hospital, you may have a path to compensation. Speak with a dedicated Rochester medical malpractice lawyer from our legal team so we can get started working on your case.

Understanding Sepsis

Sepsis occurs when the body’s response to infection goes into overdrive, leading to widespread inflammation and blood clotting. This can decrease blood flow to vital organs, causing them to fail. Some of the most common symptoms of sepsis are as follows:

  • High fever or low body temperature
  • Rapid heart rate and rapid breathing
  • Confusion or disorientation
  • Shortness of breath
  • Extreme discomfort or pain
  • Clammy or sweaty skin

Complications from Sepsis

Unfortunately, sepsis can lead to dire health outcomes, including the following:

  • Organ Failure: Kidneys, liver, lungs, and the heart can all be affected.
  • Sepsis Shock: This can cause a dramatic drop in blood pressure, leading to death.
  • Long-term disabilities: Cognitive impairments, physical disabilities, and post-sepsis syndrome, which includes symptoms like insomnia, fatigue, and chronic pain.

How Sepsis Develops in Hospitals vs. Nursing Homes

Sepsis in hospitals commonly arises from:

  • Surgical site infections
  • Intravenous catheter infections
  • Infections from other medical procedures
  • Infections acquired from the hospital environment

Due to the vast array of medical procedures and the presence of many patients with contagious conditions, hospitals are frequent sites of sepsis onset, despite the rigorous infection control protocols in place.

The risk factors in nursing homes are somewhat different, but for residents of nursing homes and hospitals, where immune systems are often compromised and medical oversight might be less rigorous, the risk of developing sepsis is even greater. Some common risks are as follows:

  • Poor hygiene and sanitation
  • Inadequate wound care
  • Urinary tract infections, often from catheters
  • Respiratory infections, like pneumonia
  • Close quarters, which can expedite the spread of infections
  • Understaffing or inadequately trained staff

While nursing homes might not perform as many invasive procedures as hospitals, the environment and patient vulnerabilities can facilitate the onset of sepsis.

Steps to Take if Your Loved One is Suffering

If your loved one is suffering from sepsis developed in nursing home, you need to take the following steps:

  • Seek Immediate Medical Attention: Sepsis is a race against time. The sooner it’s treated, the better the outcome.
  • Document Everything: Take notes about symptoms, onset, and any factors that might have contributed to the condition.
  • Speak with Nursing Home Management: They should be aware of the situation, both to take corrective action and to assist in any necessary investigations.
  • Consult a Nursing Home Negligence Lawyer: If you suspect negligence, legal guidance is crucial. A New York medical malpractice lawyer can advise on the best course of action.

Contact a Skilled Rochester Personal Injury Lawyer

Sepsis in nursing homes is a grave concern, often indicative of deeper systemic issues within the facility. If you or a loved one has developed sepsis in a nursing home or hospital, our legal team is here to fight for you. Contact Lacy Katzen LLP for a free initial consultation.

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