What Should I Know If I’m Involved in a Crosswalk Accident in Rochester?

Updated October 18, 2023.

According to NY.GOV, more than 25% of all traffic fatalities involve pedestrians, over 300 pedestrians are killed each year, and more than 3,000 pedestrians are hospitalized each year. If you were struck by a vehicle while in a designated crosswalk, you may be able to hold the driver liable for the injuries you’ve suffered. This is vital to recovering the compensation you deserve. The following blog explores how to hold the negligent party responsible and how to proceed following a crosswalk accident with the help of a Rochester personal injury lawyer.

Who Is Liable When a Pedestrian Is Hurt in a Crosswalk Accident?

Many drivers do not stop for those on foot despite the fact pedestrians have the right-of-way when waiting to cross a street at a designated crosswalk. If a pedestrian steps into the intersection and a driver does not yield because they were speeding, distracted, or simply assumed the pedestrian would make it to the other side of the street before their vehicle crossed the crosswalk, the driver may be held liable.

This also applies if the pedestrian is waiting at an intersection. Generally, drivers turning left or right at a light must yield to pedestrians crossing the road, even if the driver has a green light.

It is important to note that a pedestrian may be responsible for the injuries they sustain if they are struck by a vehicle while crossing the road, even if the pedestrian is in a crosswalk. If a pedestrian wishes to cross the street, despite having the right of way, they must exercise caution. Pedestrians are prohibited from stepping off the curb or entering the crosswalk when a vehicle is too close to stop safely.

If I’m Struck by a Vehicle While in a Crosswalk, What Can I Do?

When injured due to a negligent driver while crossing the street in a designated area, it’s imperative to take the necessary steps to protect yourself.

Immediately following the injury, you should contact emergency services to request a police presence and emergency medical attention to the scene. Not only does this allow the police to file a report, but you can also receive treatment for injuries you have sustained.

After you have received medical attention, you should take photos and videos of the accident scene, if you are physically able to. Doing so can provide evidence when pursuing a lawsuit. You should take pictures of the vehicle, road conditions, the crosswalk where you were struck, and any injuries you sustained. If possible, connect with local home and business owners to determine if they have security footage of the accident.

If you are struck by a negligent driver while in a crosswalk, contact an experienced personal injury attorney from Lacy Katzen. Our dedicated team understands how devastating these injuries can be. As such, we will do everything possible to help you recover the compensation you deserve from the negligent party responsible for your damages. Contact us today to learn more.


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