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Lacy Katzen LLP will assist our clients when a debtor, whether consumer or business, files for bankruptcy protection. There are many ways a creditor can protect itself when a consumer bankruptcy filing occurs. Approaches include filing proofs of claim, motions for relief from the automatic stay of actions for secured claims, objections to any bankruptcy payment plan, objections to discharge in general or to specific obligations, challenging the good faith of the petition or any plan, valuing collateral, and negotiating reaffirmation agreements. Attorneys of Lacy Katzen’s creditor rights team will dig deep into the bankruptcy matter to find ways to protect our clients when bankruptcy happens. Lacy Katzen’s attorneys seek to work cooperatively with debtors’ attorneys to attain the best outcome at the least expense.

Our bankruptcy services do not start with debtors filing petitions. We advise clients on systems to avoid or mitigate bankruptcy risks including effectively documenting loan, credit and sales agreements; advise on underwriting or credit granting; advice on loan administration and risk analysis of proposed and existing extensions of credit; advice and assistance in securing extensions of credit; and provide assistance in monitoring and enforcing work out agreements or court-approved plans.

Lacy Katzen attorneys advise clients in extending, administering and collecting credit to commercial, not-for-profit, and governmental entities of all types both in and out of bankruptcy. These services include preparing effective agreements at the outset of the relationship, drafting loan or credit agreements specifically tailored to the legal and economic risks of the credit; creating security agreements, liens, mortgages, and other agreements to secure extensions of credit, providing advice as requested during loan administration, advise clients on steps to avoid or mitigate risks as credit risk increases; appear, negotiate, and litigate as needed to preserve clients’ interests in the event of work out, bankruptcy or reorganization proceedings; analyze possible methods and terms on which a debtor can reorganize and negotiate plan terms, assist in plan confirmation proceedings, and advise and help enforce plan terms for clients. Lacy Katzen’s attorneys seek to act cooperatively with debtors’ and other creditors’ attorneys to arrive at a fair, workable resolution as promptly and cheaply as possible.

As with consumer bankruptcy services, the scope of the services is not limited to the period beginning with a petition but works best when services begin at the beginning and end when as much has been collected as possible in a cost-effective manner. The basic goal of Lacy Katzen bankruptcy services is to reduce the client’s risk from the outset, and then help the client to collect as much as possible as promptly as possible in a cost-effective manner.

Lacy Katzen has attorneys with substantial experience in performing these services. Contact us today.

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