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A Rochester criminal lawyer Lacy Katzen LLP can assist with a wide variety of criminal charges or investigations. Matters that are generally referred to as “criminal matters” can vary greatly and include traffic violations, minor infractions, DWI charges, administrative violations, Orders of Protection, misdemeanor charges and felony charges as well as criminal investigations that could potentially lead to criminal charges.

A criminal conviction can subject you to substantial fines, incarceration, a criminal record and other serious consequences. We believe that a proactive and aggressive defense is often the best way to protect you and your family should these issues arise.

The manner in which your criminal matter is handled – both in and out of court – can greatly affect your future. A conviction for a traffic violation can impact your driving privileges and increase your insurance premiums. A misdemeanor or felony conviction could have enduring and devastating consequences for you and your family. Among other things, it could affect future employment opportunities, the right to vote, your ability to obtain a pistol permit and certain professional licenses.

Any conviction—whether for a violation, misdemeanor or felony—typically carries some type of penalty. The nature and extent of that penalty depends upon many factors including the outcome of the charges and factors submitted on your behalf during the presentation of your case. Effective legal representation can often mitigate or reduce the penalties or the impact of the penalties on you.

It is recommended that you contact a criminal defense attorney immediately if you are arrested, believe you may be arrested, have received a traffic ticket or criminal citation or if you are contacted by a law enforcement agency for questioning. Our dedicated attorneys have the background and experience to assist you in effectively addressing any such criminal matters. Speak with a Rochester criminal defense lawyer from our firm today so we can get started working on your case.

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